Shoulder Pain

Written by Angela Lai

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints people have.  The shoulder’s design is a ball and socket joint where it is only held in place by small ligaments.  It allows us to have 360degree of rotation but with this freedom, comes instability with any significant trauma.

Most patients who come to me with shoulder pain have been through physical therapy, MRI, x-ray, injections, etc and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement.  The reason for this is the fact that whenever one of these ligaments is injured, their neighbor muscle groups get involved to help stabilize the joint.  Once the muscles are involved, they also need therapy in order for real healing to take place.

Fortuntely, acupuncture is very effective with muscle spasms and soft tissue injuries.  Decreasing the inflammation and inproving circulation to the area to facility natural healing can speed up the healing process. That, along with effective physical therapy to strengthen the muscle groups is a fabulous therapy combination for any shoulde injury.

How long does it take? That will depend on the extent of the injury and what ligament, tendons and muscles are involved.  I’ve had patients recover as quickly as 5 treatments or 15treatments.  Each individual’s ability to heal varies according to their constitution and injury.  Acupuncture is here to facilitate the natural healting process.

The next time you have a shoulder injury, try combining your physical therapy with acupuncture so that you can be on the road to recovery even quicker.


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