Diet and weight loss during the holidays

Written by Angela Lai

The holiday season is upon us.  Food centered parties abound and what can we do to stay on track with our diets?  Many people give up and say they will work harder when January rolls around.  Are you one of those?  How about learning some new techniques that will work for all of us to stave off that extra holiday pounds?

Here are some fun and unique tips I think that will help you this season.

  1. Pre-eat before going to a party.  Why would I want to do that you ask?  There’s going to be so much yummy food when I get there.  That is exactly the problem, those finger foods are so tempting especially when you’re starving after a long day of activities.  Finger foods/party foods are usually high in fat and low on the healthy stuff. If you just have a half sandwich or even a cup of soup before you go, you won’t be as hungry when you get there and eat buffet style all night.
  2. Stick with your healthy or semi-healthy diet between all those parties.  Don’t talk yourself into the peppermint-bark-only-comes-once-a-year mentality and buy a 15lb box.  Have a sample of those delicious treats and then move on.
  3. Continue with the exercise routine you have been working on all year.  Don’t let the extra holiday activities take time away from your exercise.  Remember, exercising and a good diet is what can really help you lose weight and keep the weight off.
  4. Ask for health related gifts from Santa.  That fancy fitbit may help you more than the gift card to the cheesecake factory.
  5. Coolscuplting and non-invasive sculting therapy is all the rage these days.  Remember, those are great for that stubborn fat deposit that just can’t seem to come off no matter what you do.  Darn, genetics.  What is effective for real weight loss is healthy lifestyle.
  6. Continue to see your Acupuncturist on a regular basis to keep your body healthy.

Happy holidays everyone.

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