Acupuncture and Sciatic pain

Written by Angela Lai

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Sciatica is one of the most common pains orthopetic pain people have.

The most common symptoms can be:

  1. constant pain in one side of the buttock or leg
  2. pain worsen when sitting
  3. pain can be dull ache, tingling and/or burning
  4. weakness of the leg, foot or toes of the affected side
  5. pain when walking
  6. radiating pain down the leg

The sciatic nerve starts in the buttocks area and travels down the leg into the calves.  Then the nerve is impinged by muscle spasms, or even structuctural changes, then the nerve will send out pain signals which we know was sciatica.

If you’ve ever had sciatica, you know how painful it can be.  Most of the time, your primary doctor will send you to physical therapy because there really isn’t any drugs that will heal this problem.  Some doctors will use prednisone shots but that’s usually temporary. The only real premanent solution is to find the muscle group that is in spasm and stop it.

This is where acupuncture is very beneficial in resolving sciatica.  Once the offending muscle group is diagnosed, acupuncture can relax the muscles so that they are not impinging on the nerves, which then will stop the pain. Of course continued exercise to strengthen the muscles will help keep this problem from reoccuring.

Most times, bad posture is the culprit in causes of sciatica.  I had a student who used to lay on this side in bed to do his homework and that caused certain muscle groups to tighten up and caused his sciatic pain.  He went to physical therapy for 6 mo and stopped all exercise activities with no improvement until he came in to see me.  Once we discovered the cause, and the offending muscles were treated, his sciatica pain subsided.

What is it that you’re doing to cause your pain?  Yes, it definitely can still be fixed.


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