Seasonal Allergies

Written by Angela Lai

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It’s spring time which means for many, it’s also allergy time.

The running nose, itchy eyes, headaches and other symptoms which can make your life miserable.  Over the counter anti-histamines only do so much and may make you groggy during the day.  This is no way to enjoy spring which is when the pretty flowers are in bloom and the weather is warming up and you want to be outdoors.

In TCM, “allegies” is seen as a lung or wei qi deficiency.  The organ of the lungs in TCM theory is the only organ that is in contact with the outside world.  Which mean, if it is not strong and healthy, external evils can enter your body.  Isn’t that how we usually get sick?  Sore throat, chest congestion and other lung related symptoms?  Allergies is not a virus or bacteria that is making us sick, it is however, the outside evils attacking the lungs and the lungs are not strong enough to keep them at bay

“Wei Qi” which translates to the immune system in allopathic medicine is the energy held in the lungs.  It is our first defensive system to ward off exernal evils.  We must keep it strong so it can keep all evils out of our bodies.

By using antihistamines to treat someone with allergies, you are suppressing the body’s natural defenses.  Yes, you may not feel the symptoms anymore, but it’s not healing or making the body stronger.  Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to help strengthen the body’s lungs and immune system will help eliminate the body’s reactions to the outside world.  It repairs the weakness and helps build up the natural defenses your body is suppose to have without suppressing it’s functions.

Building the immune system is very effective for seasonal allergies and also for flu season.  It is best to work on this before these seasons hit so that your defenses are strong enough and you won’t be affected when it comes around.

Ask your local TCM practitioner to help you breathe better and stay healthier.

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