Insomina and the Dreaded 2am waking.

Written by Angela Lai

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Have you ever woken in the middle of the night and looked at the clock and see the same time night after night?  Usually it’s 2am, right?  Why is that? What is going on at 2am that is waking your body up?  The alignment of the stars or planets?

Think back when this has happened to you and what was going on in your life during that period of time.  Were you dealing with some extra life stressors?

In Chinese medicine, there is an explanation for this waking.  Each organ system in our body has a time associated with it.

Image result for chinese organ clockWhat time is associated with 2am?  The liver is said to be very active at this time.  Unfortuntely, it is very susceptible to stress.  So if there is extra stress in your life or stress that has been compounding for years and it’s over whelming your system, it will burden the liver and you will wake between 1-3am.

Now, this is only an indication of stressors in your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your actual liver is diseased.  In Chinese Medicine the emotional/spiritual is not separated from the physical.  It all exists cohesively to make you, who you are.

Forutately, acupuncture is well known to help calm your sympathetic nervous system to help your body destress.  Acupuncture treatments are well known to help increase seratonin (the natural calming chemical) in your brain to help you relax and sleep.  So see a local acupuncturist today the next time you in the middle of the night and the dreaded 2am is staring at you.

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