What is Acupuncture?

Our body contains Qi (pronounced chee) that flows through the body in channels known as 'meridians' that connect all our major organs.  This is the energy that makes everything work in our body.  When it flows freely, we are 'healthy.'  When the Qi is impeded, obstructed or depleted through lack of exercise, poor diet, excess emotions, trauma, etc. then 'illness' develops.  Through TCM, we can restore the free flow of Qi.

How does it work?

"Acupuncture" is used as an option when pain medication is reduced or not tolerated, it may be used as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation and/or surgical intervention to hasten functional recovery. 

Needles may be inserted, manipulated and retained for a period of time.  Acupuncture can be used to:

reduce pain                         reduce inflammation

increase blood flow             increase range of motion

decrease the side effect of medication-induced nausea

promote relaxation              reduce muscle spasm

regulate hormones

"Acupuncture with electrical stimulation" is the use of electrical current (micro-amperage or milli-amperage) on the needles at the acupuncture site.  It is used to increase effectiveness of the needles by continuous stimulation of the acupoint. 

Physiological effects can include:

endorphin release for pain relief

reduction of inflammation

increased blood circulation

analgesia through interruption of radiating pain along a nerve pathway